Hey guys, TGIF! Any fun weekend plans? Chocolate making, perhaps? 😉

Just wanted to pop in to tell you to head on over to Tracy’s blog, Sugarcrafter, where I’m guest posting today. And I’m not just shootin’ the breeze over there, no — I have a delicious recipe up my sleeve — mini s’mores whoopie pies! Teeny (think, poppable tiny) soft graham cookies sandwiched with toasted marshmallows and milk chocolate… don’t think it gets much better on a Friday, folk (OK, it does — coffee, bagels, and Friday night pizza help…).

Anyway, the full post and recipe is over at Tracy’s, so be sure to check it out.

Have a great weekend!

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1 Averie @ Love Veggies and Yoga February 10, at 10:29 am
Beyond cute and I bet beyond tasty! 🙂

Thanks for the info yesterday about your editing jazz, too! Would have never guessed powerpoint!


2 Mattie @ Comfy and Confident February 10, at 1:26 pm
These look amazing! I love smores and what a fun way to make them! I am going to check out the full recipe now. 🙂


3 Luv What You Do February 10, at 10:57 pm
I love the idea to use the hershey’s bar!
I made them once and used mini chocolate chips, but these are much more S’more like. Delish!


4 Liz February 11, at 5:22 pm
Hey, nothing wrong with mini chocolate chips, those would make these even cuter!

5 Holly February 12, at 7:10 pm
How do you think of such cute recipes?? I love them! Just checked out the post- girl, you have awesome photography skills! I love the last photo.


6 Liz February 12, at 8:38 pm
Aw, thanks Holly! I’m waiting for the day I wake up and can’t think of anything else to make 🙂

7 [email protected] Bakeaholic Mama February 14, at 8:01 am
How freaking cute are these?!?!?! I have to make them.


8 Liz February 14, at 7:06 pm
Almost too cute to eat… almost 🙂

9 Liz February 15, at 7:19 am
These sound amazing!!! What a great twist on whoopie pies 🙂


10 Lauren @ Sassy Molassy February 17, at 2:38 pm
OMG – brilliantly cute.

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